Students 1The student body of Lev Aryeh is a cross section of high school graduates from the entire spectrum of religious high schools in the U.S, Canada and England. Talmidim spend on the average three to four years in Lev Aryeh.

Many Lev Aryeh alumni continue intense yeshiva studies in other yeshivas both in Israel and chutz l’aaretz. Lev Aryeh alumni can be found in all the prestigious yeshivas including Gateshead, Lakewood, Mir and Brisk. Other alumni pursue professional careers armed with the necessary skills to continue their spiritual growth.

Students 2Graduates of Lev Aryeh can be awarded a Bachelors Degree in Talmudic Law (B.TL). The degree can be earned upon completion of an intensive 3-year program but generally is awarded after completion of the four-year program. The degree provides for a student to continue directly into a Master’s Degree program at other universities and colleges in the United States.

The time a talmid spends at Lev Aryeh represents a short but crucial time in his life. The Lev Aryeh alumni association provides the framework to allow the alumnus to maintain relationships with rabbis and friends alike. All alumni activities are coordinated from the Yeshiva office located in Jerusalem.Students 3

The major alumni event is a yearly get together organized every year in the United States, which is attended by married and single alumni and by faculty members from Jerusalem.

Newsletters, trips to Israel and the regular travel of the faculty to the United States, who maintain contact with former talmidim. This provides a range of opportunities for alumni to stay connected with the special people, what was for many, the most exciting and challenging experience of their lives.